New releases from our friends at Silber Records:


 Hope all is going well with you.  As mentioned last time the increased feeling of financial stability (if not actual stability) has created a dramatic increase in productivity here at Silber.  The new releases from a couple weeks ago (Chvad SB, Yellow6, & Anda Volley) seem to be getting some attention & that makes it feel like the label is thriving instead of declining.  The weather is hot & the days are long, but things seem good & promising & the future seems unstoppable.


M is We is back with us for an entry in the 5in5 series.  Post punk & proto goth somewhere between Christian Death, The Germs, & Cabaret Voltaire.  Good stuff & only 5 minutes to check out.
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Bronze Eye & LD Beghtol collaborated for a 5 minute EP of experimental pop music.  I’m pretty stoked about this EP because the two of them got together because of LD’s 5in5 last year.  Helping artists discover each other & work together has been a goal of Silber from the start, so this is awesome for us.
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 Lycia offered up a special with us.  First 50 people to order a physical copy of any of the Lycia or Lycia related releases (Mike VanPortfleet, Tara VanFlower, Black Happy Day) through Silber will get a free download code for the new Lycia album A Line That Connects.


The new QRD is out in time for Fathers’ Day with a half dozen more installments in our artistic dad interview series (Tanner Garza, JB Sapienza, Jason Handelsman, Jon Madof, Josh Doughty, Loïc Josinski) plus more installments in our guitarist (Casey Harvey (Thrushes), Gabriel Douglas (The 4onthefloor)), touring musician (Nathan Amundson (Rivulets), Aaron Snow (Landing)), & cartoonist (Jeff McClelland, Peter Kuper, Josh Howard) interview series.  Please help spread the word if you can.

New Releases coming soon from Dyr Faser, Cloaca, Azalia Snail, Ms, Koyl, Fullness Off Lack, Jon Dawson, Moodring, Hotel Hotel, Lum, Electric Bird Noise, & more in the coming weeks.  Thanks for your interest & support & if you want to be taken off the mailing list just let me know.


Brian John Mitchell

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