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[Video] Юлиана Кривошапкина (Juliana) – Sub-Yer (Water-Ground)

I know absolutely nothing about Juliana, who hails from the Sakha Republic in Eastern Russia, but this piece left me fascinated.

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[Film] Famed actress Lauren Bacall dies at 89

Though the suicide of Robin Williams overwhelmed the news cycle this week, we also lost a legend in Lauren Bacall. May Mrs. Bogie also rest in peace.

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[Film] Robin Williams, Oscar-Winning Comedian, Dies at 63 in Suspected Suicide

Recovery from alcohol-and-drug addiction, and the onset of Parkinson’s Disease, was too much for the beloved comic. The New York Times remembers Robin Williams in their Culture and ArtBeats section, as well as in the main section here.

Though he made plenty of jokes about religion, he was a practicing Episcopalian. May his family’s grief be ameliorated, and may Robin rest in peace.

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[Podcast] What’s new in New Zealand ? (Canal Kiwi session)

What’s new in New Zealand ? (Canal Kiwi session) by The Music Sessions on Mixcloud

Independent music from New Zealand was considered utterly stunning at one point, especially with labels like Flying Nun and Xpressway. I lost contact with what was going on with their scene. Today, I stumbled across this podcast. It’s good to see all is well in Kiwi-Land.


[Archaeology] Denmark: Pelvic Bones of Alken Enge Warriors Were ‘Threaded onto Sticks in Macabre Religious Act’

This may come as a shock to some of you in Scandinavia, but your ancestors were a bit rough with each other.

From the article:

Project manager Mads Kähler Holst said: “We have found a wooden stick bearing the pelvic bones of four different men. In addition, we have unearthed bundles of bones, bones bearing marks of cutting and scraping, and crushed skulls. Our studies reveal that a violent sequel took place after the fallen warriors had lain on the battlefield for around six months.”

The battles near Alken Enge took place during the Iron Age when the Roman Empire was expanding north, resulting in wars between Romans and Germanic tribes.

Researchers believe the battle in Denmark stemmed from internal conflict, with Roman records documenting the gruesome rituals Germanic people conducted on the dead bodies of their enemies.

Flesh had been cleaned from the bones, which were then desecrated before being thrown into the lake. The bones were mixed with the remains of slaughtered animals and pots containing what is believed to be food sacrifices.

“We are fairly sure that this was a religious act. It seems that this was a holy site for a pagan religion – a sacred grove – where the victorious conclusion of major battles was marked by the ritual presentation and destruction of the bones of the vanquished warriors,” Holst said.

Read the whole thing here.

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[Music] محور عشق – جاوید افسری راد / Mehvare Eshgh – Javid Afsari Rad

A totally new name to me, but one of the most pleasant instrumental tracks I’ve heard in some time. Santur music at its finest. Worth a deep listen.