[Article] Neal Morse, A One Man Arian Rock Band

I’ll be the first to say that I happen to like Progressive Rock in all its many forms, from avant-prog to Christian symphonic, and everything in-between. I am also a fan of Neil Morse, who is the subject in question in this article written by Brendan P. Foht over at First Things.

What I don’t care for much is Morse’s Catholic bashing. The ground he attacks from is shaky at best, heretical at worst. Though I’m not Roman Catholic (I’m Eastern Orthodox), some of the lyrical content is amusingly bad when Morse strays into overly deep theological matters, and it never dawns on him that Sola Scriptura is itself unbiblical, rendering the whole of Protestant criticism moot.

Still, he is a fine musician, and it seems that First Things, a Christian-based magazine more focused on the arts, philosophy, culture and politics, seems to have a a thing for Mr. Morse and one of his side bands, Transatlantic. It’s nice to see prog make its way up to academia, and I’m thrilled to see it written about rather well, though I think that Foht’s tagging prog rock a ‘disreputable’ genre to be a bit of overkill. Glam, however…

A Miscellany of Tasteful Music – 02-13-2014

A Miscellany of Tasteful Music – 02-13-2014 by Rudy Carrera on Mixcloud

Welcome to the fourth edition of A Miscellany of Tasteful Music. This is our Valentine’s Day edition. Curl up with your loved one and enjoy these classics, or if you’re alone, pour yourself a stiff drink (vodka and lime for me today), to keep you focused on the music.

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