[Video] Cudù – Creative Improvisation 3

Cudù(Paolo Lotti and Luca Mazzantini) were a duo from Italy during the 1980s and 1990s who worked mainly in improvisation. The first time I came across their music was when they were recording for the now-legendary Materiali Sonori record label out of Milan, and their work stood out. A touch of jazz, progressive, and even a bit of a nod to Frippertronics. It’s really a shame they didn’t become more famous in the world of improv, but this, and several other links, catch their playing for posterity’s sake.

[Poem] Paul Celan – La Rose de Personne

Avec toutes les pensées je suis sorti
hors du monde : tu étais là,
toi, ma silencieuse, mon ouverte, et —
tu nous reçus.

Qui dit que tout est mort pour nous
quand notre œil s’éteignit ?
Tout s’éveilla, tout commença.

Grand, un soleil est venu à la nage, claires,
âme et âme lui ont fait face, nettes,
impératives, elles lui ont tu
son orbe.

Sans peine,
ton sein s’est ouvert, paisible,
un souffle est monté dans l’éther,
et ce qui s’est nué, n’était-ce pas,
n’était-ce pas forme, et sortie de nous,
n’était-ce pas
pour ainsi dire un nom ?

[Video] When – Death In The Blue Lake

Lars Pedersen (When) is a Norwegian post-Industrial/Avant-Progressive/Proto-Black Ambient composer whose work never really got its fair due. I actually came across his work in several progressive rock magazines, as well as the seminal experimental publication ‘Music From The Empty Quarter’ (RIP), who didn’t quite know what to make of his work. If he is still active and making music, I’m sure he’s taking advantage of the upgrades in technology. The raw material he had to work with was bleak, unnerving, and quite amazing.

[Photo] Oxford Union Library

A slice of heaven for me.

Many thanks to mirrior, who posted this photo today. I love libraries. My best memory comes from them, spending time with my parents or grandparents, learning about the world, letting my imagination run wild, while also keeping it grounded with history, philosophy and religion. It was a kindred soul, Jorge Luis Borges, who once quipped, “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” Perhaps he’s right.