[Music] Zeresh – Farewell

My goodness!  I knew my friends in the band Zeresh had a new album out, but I wasn’t expecting an epic!  Farewell does an amazing job of combining the good elements of the early Pink Floyd sound and melds it together with neofolk.  Tamar Singer’s vocals are otherworldly, quite rich and unique in this genre.  […]


The Story Of Damon and His Psychedelic Cult Classic, Song Of A Gypsy. For any collector of psychedelia whose fortunate enough to find a copy of Damon’s Song Of A Gypsy, it quickly becomes one of their most prized possessions. Sadly, finding an original copy of Song Of A Gypsy is another thing. It’s one […]

[Music] Michael Bonaventure – In Tenebris Ratione Organi

Raffaele Pezzella of Eighth Tower Records continues to show what a magical ear he has for new music artists.  His latest release is by composer Scottish composer Michael Bonaventure, who makes full use out of the organ.  There are bits of sci-fi music, creepy soundtrack clips, electroacoustic music in the style of Pierre Henry’s freakier […]

[Music] Benjamin Finney – Warmth Within These Walls X Cut Me Loose

Benjamin Finney’s work has been reviewed on our blog in the past, as he’s really a fine guitarist, but it finally dawned on me whose work seems to influence and inform his playing.  John Fahey.  No doubt about it.  He has the American primitive sound mastered so well that he’s able to mold it however […]

[Music] RUTH GARBUS – Kleinmeister (Orindal, 2019) — music won’t save you

RUTH GARBUS – Kleinmeister (Orindal, 2019)* Non è un semplice album di cantautorato femminile il secondo lavoro sulla lunga distanza di Ruth Garbus, artista del Vermont che da solista ha pubblicato un altro paio di Ep nel corso di oltre un decennio, nel quale è stata tra l’altro voce e batterista degli Happy Birthday, band […] […]

[Music] Javier Solís – Malagueña Salerosa

Mexico has contributed so mightily to the canon of songs that quality as high art that it’s impossible to keep track of these gems, but, at least to my ears, none is more impressive, more beautiful or more haunting that this classic Huapango love song interpreted by the legendary Javier Solís, though in this version, […]