[Music] Jeff Gburek – Sound in the Soluble State

I think Jeff Gburek’s music will merit its own genre. I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing too many people who could blend experimental music, ambient and some indescribably primal music together so seamlessly

I took two deep listens to the album. The first allowed me to listen to the structure of the music as is, and the compositions are sublime. The second listen I did while I finished up a couple of projects, and the sounds felt as though they were perfectly composed for my working space.

[Music/Film] Two LPs from erotic horror flick Vampyros Lesbos reissued by Wah Wah

Oh, happy day! Though I always enjoyed the Crippled Dick reissue of said soundtrack, it seems too truncated. Wah Wah Records has rectified the problem. The soundtrack to Vampyros Lesbos can now be heard in fuller glory, with beautiful repackaging.

Read more about it from The Vinyl Factory here.