[Music] The Natural Yogurt Band – Spectral Flux

This charming release came into my inbox at about the same moment when Chris, a good mate of mine, was hipping me to the wonders of Library Music.

The Natural Yogurt Band have that sound down perfectly, as this mini EP shows.  My only complaint about this release?  It’s WAY too short.  Let’s hope a series of full length albums are on their way.

[Music] Iamthemorning releases “5/4” from upcoming studio film ‘Ocean Sounds’

I’m becoming a big fan of the Proglodytes blog, and their articles just get better and better. In this post, they give us wonderful news that Russian Progressive Rock band iamthemorning have a new release coming!



Russian chamber prog group Iamthemorning, in anticipation for their newest studio album, have released a track titled “5/4”. Iamthemorning’s last album was one of our Proglodytes’ Picks for 2016, so we very much look forward to the new record! From the press release:

“Ahead of the release of Ocean Sounds, on Kscope on 19th October, the band have released a video to accompany the song “5/4”, which previously featured on the band’s first release for Kscope, Belighted.

We usually say that 5/4 is one of the two cheerful songs we have in our discography, the second one being about burning houses down! To me, it feels that when you grow up and live in Russia, specifically in St Petersburg, everything you do is soaked up in this very special type of melancholy, which makes it difficult to write happy music.” Vocalist and songwriter Marjana Semkina muses

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Happy birthday to The Hobbit

A wonderful book every child should read. Happy birthday to “The Hobbit.”

Matthew Wright

I discovered the other day that it’s 81 years this month since The Hobbit was published. I’d missed the anniversary.

Check out the battering. Is my copy of ‘The Hobbit’ much-loved, or what?

The Hobbit is just about my favourite book of all time. The other, naturally, is its sequel. I first read it around 1973, inspired by the Pauline Baynes map of Middle Earth – a wondrous place, it seemed, which set my imagination roaming. The Hobbit didn’t disappoint. I still have the copy I was given that year by my aunt – the Allen & Unwin edition with Tolkien’s own sketch of the death of Smaug on the cover. It’s, shall we say, very well worn.

The book has never lost its charm; Tolkien wrote it as a story for his children, but it speaks to adults and children alike. Looking back on it now, I can see…

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[Music] Ataşehir – Colorful Places to Live and Play

Ataşehir is the side project of Sumatran Black, an expatriate residing in the Anatolian side of Turkey.  The music roaring out of my speakers sounds, in part, like a black-ambient version of a 1950s B-Movie sci-fi soundtrack (trust me, this is a high compliment, considering my brother and I grew up as fans of the film genre and the music it produced) and a touch like the end of the movie Solaris, where film composer Eduard Artemiev goes into a drone which grows louder and louder until it crescendoes.

There is an amusing irony that the song titles, as Ataşehir mentions on his site, “are taken from aspirational advertising slogans of various residential developments from around the world.”

There is a bleak, black beauty to this album.  It ends with a progressive-rock length final track clocking in at 48 minutes. Colorful Places to Live and Play Bandcamp Exclusive Compilation Version. . As it turns out, it is the least brutally dark track on the album, making for a pleasantly drony listening experience.

Richard & Linda Thompson – Shoot Out the Lights – Classic Music Review

AltRockChick does a stellar job defending the work of Richard Thompson (and Linda as well) from some of rock’s most moronic critics.


Love me or hate me, but the one thing that is beyond dispute is that my perspectives on music have never been influenced by commercial considerations, a desire for fame or the opinions of Establishment critics.

From a financial perspective, altrockchick.com is one of the worst-performing enterprises in history: after six years, 400 reviews and 1.5 million words, I have earned zero revenue while piling up thousands of dollars/euros in expenses. I write anonymously because the last thing in the world I want to experience is the personality distortion and general weirdness that usually comes with fame. I do read the opinions of Establishment critics, but most of the time I find myself offended by their sheer laziness, astonishing pomposity and the façade of objectivity they attempt to project. I’m sorry, but if you’re getting paid to write reviews for a magazine, newspaper or website, your objectivity is automatically compromised…

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[Music] Disques DEBS International Volume 1. — dereksmusicblog

Disques Debs International Volume 1. Label: Strut. Release Date: ‘29th’ July 2018. Compilation Of The Week. Nowadays, Disques Debs International which was founded by Henri Debs in Guadeloupe, in the late-fifties, is regarded by many connoisseurs as the one of the best, if not greatest of all French Caribbean labels. That is high praise, given […]