[Music] Jeff Gburek – With Conscious Impurity (Coptic Clusters)

The final post of 2016 is one of the most beautiful to my years. Many thanks to Jeff Gburek for some fine releases, and thanks to the readership for their friendship, their patience and the suggestions for music. Next year, we will add interviews to the website. I won’t post as much simply because the […]

[Music] The Mariachi Men of Yugoslavia

Jonny Wrate of Roads and Kingdoms Magazine writes the article for the year for me! Many years ago, while living in Macedonia, my friends and I would discuss music, and two, Igor and Goran, turned me on to the fact that Mexican music was actually a big deal in the former Yugoslavia. It was the […]

[Music] Gralitsa – Upon A Circle, Upon A Gold

//kroogi.com/player/iframe/3238978?locale=en After a track on Soundcloud, I decided to purchase this mini-LP from Gralitsa, a musician whose work crosses the genres of world music, post-rock, progressive rock and soundtrack music with great ease. It’s worth picking up.