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[Article] Conservative Jazz?

Why not? Contrary to popular belief, many people who identify themselves as classical Conservatives were into Jazz long before the hipsters of our day were, and even wrote about the genre beautifully. Stephen Masty over at The Imaginative Conservative reminisces on his love for jazz here.

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[Podcast] A Miscellany of Tasteful Music – 01-21-2014

A Miscellany of Tasteful Music – 01-21-2014 by Rudy Carrera on Mixcloud

A new episode of 10 rather interesting tracks, featuring Anastasia from Macedonia, The Saqqara Dogs out of San Francisco, Australia’s The Saints, Heidelberg, Germany’s Krautrock kings Guru Guru, Argentine-Swedish indie-folk singer José González, A-Ha crooner Morten Harket, Lebanon’s diva Fairuz, Bosnia’s Bijelo Dugme, and a bit of calypso provided by Lord Invader. Enjoy!

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[Podcast] A Miscellany of Tasteful Music – 01-16-2014

A Miscellany of Tasteful Music – 01-16-2014 by Rudy Carrera on Mixcloud

Finally, we’ve begun podcasting! Don’t worry, this is more of a practice run. Expect lots more music, commentary, maybe an interview here and there. Enjoy!

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[Film] Run Run Shaw, Chinese-Movie Giant of the Kung Fu Genre, Dies at 106

Run Run Shaw, king of Hong Kong film industry, and especially Kung Fu Theater, passed away at the age of 106. Jonathan Kandell of The New York Times eulogizes the legend here.

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[Video] Amiri Baraka & Sun Ra – A Black Mass (1968)

The poet, playwright and political activist Amiri Baraka passed away from undisclosed causes on January 9, 2014.

Whether you saw him as the voice of the disenfranchized, a leading light among black artists and activists, or a worthless Marxist gadfly whose best days ended before the 1970s, this polarizing figure left a gigantic cultural mark in the arts. The video below shows Baraka at his peak collaborating with the legendary Sun Ra.

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[Podcast] Mundofonías

A couple of years ago, I had the absolute joy and pleasure to make the acquaintances of Juan Antonio Vázquez & Araceli Tzigane, two radio hosts who run Spain’s best World Music program, Mundofonías.

You can sample of bit of one of their recent shows, ‘Orientando & Africando’, here.

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[Music] Melodiya rereleases classic Russian albums on vinyl

Russia was rich with good music, even during the Soviet Era.  It’s nice to see so many classics, even the cheesy metal ones, getting reissued in wonderful packaging by Melodiya.

Many thanks to Vladimir Kozlov, who wrote this article for the Moscow Times.

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[Music] Fifty Years of Tape

I grew up listening to a lot of experimental music in my youth, most of in in the cassette format. It was quite something to have a cheap and easy tool to trade with friends, to purchase from very creative sorts who would hand-craft something resembling music from some God-forsaken place and receive it in my little suburbia. Though I prefer the clarity of digital recordings, hearing poorly compressed audio via a tape done by modern artists trying to look ironic has its charms. Thanks to Staalplaat’s Staalzine for posting this little slice of nostalgia.

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[Lit] 35 Perfect Examples of the Art of the Short Story

Thanks to Jason Diamond at the otherwise-nearly-unreadable Flavorwire for this post covering some of the masters of the short story form.