[Video] Across the Fields & Liturgy of Confrontation – Across the Fields

I don’t normally have much of a chance to check out what is going on in the Apocalyptic Folk scene. A friend on a Facebook page suggested that I listen to this, and I was rather impressed by it. If you’re a fan of Death in June or similar bands, this may be something of interest to you.

Read more on Across The Fields and Liturgy of Confrontation at their respective Facebook pages.

Club de Jazz 2/01/13 Irene Aranda (Concierto y Entrevista), Rolf & Joachim Kühn Quartet, etc

El Club de Jazz is the finest podcast I’ve run across in terms of new jazz and improvisational music. The show is broadcast in Spanish, but you need not understand the language fluently to indulge in all the fine music they offer. ECdJ also offers other podcasts, so consider subscribing to them via RSS feel.

To check out this particular program, click here.