[Music] Ben Rath – Black Heart Music

Ben Rath is an experimental musician based out of Manchester, England, who specializes in dark, foreboding minimalist compositions which leave you feel unnerved while working on blog posts at three in the morning.  He makes his recordings with the use of keyboards, piano, guitar and some slight effects.  Really good listening.

[Music] Various Artists – Black Pearl Records: Bosporus Bridges Vol. 3

Black Pearl deserves high praise for releasing this retrospective series on some of the wildest funk, psychedelic, beat and jazz records to come out of Turkey. The names aren’t famous, but damn it, they should be. From Black Pearl’s Bandcamp site: A wide selection of rare Turkish funk, jazz, beat and psychedelic music from the […]

[Music] Mamman Sani Abdoulaye – Unreleased Tapes 1981​-​1984

Dreamy, mellow, but not quite Kosmich Musik, this collection out of 1970s Niger was miles ahead of its contemporaries.  It’s a shame it took so long for Mamman Sani to have his synth work available, but this charming LP was lovingly curated by the ever mighty Sahel Sounds.