Press Releases

As time is freeing up, I am considering posting press releases on worthy projects. If there are any interesting bands or labels who wish to put up press releases for me to post, do let me know. Please send a sample of the music and a press-release I can easily format into the blog.

Neil Young’s next act: music technology entrepreneur

Unlike a great deal of my colleagues, I’m not a vinyl snob. Yes, it sounds wonderful for rock and jazz, but as I enjoy listening to classical and experimental music, I like the idea that I can hear such things with clarity.

That being said, the great Neil Young, himself a fan of technology, has started a service dedicated to audiophiles. PonoMusic (not quite ready for launch yet) is the name of his new venture, and it will be launched on Kickstarter this week.

Upstart Business Journal has more on this wonderful development here.