[Music] Ric Ocasek found dead today — PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture

Sad news from New York tonight. Ric Ocasek was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on Sunday, law enforcement confirmed. Some reports say he was 75 and some say he was 70. Ric wrote some of the best pop hits of the late seventies and eighties for the Cars. The Cars were a big part […] […]

[Music] Stéphane Clor & HJ Ayala – Motoco

Listening to what I would assume is microtonal guitar work (if my friends would be so kind as to correct me, I would be much obliged) proved to be a very rewarding expeience.  HJ Ayala, a friend of this blog, collaborates with cellist Stéphane Clor in this release clocking in at just under 40 minutes.  […]

[Music] DjClick – DjClick & The Alaev Family

I can’t say I know much about DjClick, who is an electro DJ and remixer based out of Paris.  I know even less about the Alaev Family, who are traditional musicians from Tajikistan.  The pairing of these two, however, leaves a spectacular impression.  Deep, ancient grooves are updated, not quite for the dance floor, but […]

[Music] Various Artists – Anthology of Contemporary Music From Middle East

Never think that the Middle East is ignorant of current musical (or anti-musical) trends.  They are probably better informed that a fair amount of their Western colleagues, and are making music that proves it.  Once again, many thanks to the brilliant Raffaele Pezzella for being such a visionary. From the Unexplained Sounds Group Bandcamp site: […]

[Music] Santiago Fradejas – Vermin Rodia

Santiago Fradejas’ latest release features him on electric guitar, with some effects, and he ends up making a sonic world which envelops you straightaway.  For an experimental record, this one almost qualifies as pleasant listening, though there is always an element of tension and danger to each of his compositions.  Seminal.

[Music] On the Corner, by Miles DavisAn album cover art story — The Music Aficionado

Few albums in the history of jazz created as much controversy as On the Corner, the album Miles Davis released in 1972. Stylistically, the music had very little to do with the jazz tradition, and was a departure from Davis’ already out-there jazz-rock explorations found on Bitches Brew and Live Evil, released a couple of… via […]