Anna Homler Interview in Netwerk 1992

Anna Homler is a Los Angeles-based artist who sings using an invented language. Her work is utterly musical and listenable, while retaining its experimental edge. She also happens to be a friend. Imagine my surprise when Belgian artists The Hybryds released this two-part interview with Anna from 1992.

The Internet never ceases to amaze me!

Anna Homler interview in Netwerk 1992 part 1 by Hybryds on Mixcloud

Anna Homler interview in Netwerk 1992 part 2 by Hybryds on Mixcloud

[Poem] ‘A New Jerusalem’ by Alasdair Sclater

Our favorite Eastern Orthodox bard brings more profundity to our blog:

Every election comes a movement
If your vote for us
The New Jerusalem will stand
Your life will so much better be
In all your voting for us
For arise we will to serve you
In the New Jerusalem we will make
Get rid of the old
Bring in the new
And a New Jerusalem will rise
With your votes in our bag

Speak in so any ages
The world that comes
In the paean of greed
The politicians make their graves

For afterwards
Gone will be the Jerusalem
Broken will be the promises everywhere
In the dust that they speak
Will nobody remember

All the promises they made
When they needed the vote
All the words so cheap they said
On the doorsteps as they came
Seeking the votes in the elections made

Nowadays all are so immune
We see them coming a mile off
Speakers of the lie and the half truth
They will bring the new
And all they face is the tide of unbelief

So degenerate they stand
In the years of last year’s manifestoes
Speakers of promises
They could not keep

And the world has moved on
They will have to change the script
So much has passed
So little changed
And all of us see one party in there
Only the government
Without a care
For the likes of us
On whom they rely
For the votes next election
So they can abuse and enslave