[Music] Twilight Fields – Further Up, Further In!

Never, ever allow anyone to tell you that there is no good music being made today. Ever!

Twilight Fields is a band out of Northern Canada, but you wouldn’t know it judging by the influences they’ve sponged up into their body of work. One can easily hear touches of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, the acid folk of The Incredible String Band, and more modern psychedelic fare from groups like Spacemen 3 and Spectrum.

The crisp recording adds to the pleasure of hearing this recording on a great set of headphones. A highly recommended release.

[Music] Disemballerina – Poison Gown

Poison Gown‘ is a release which came to me via my inbox, and I find it to be a wonderful stroke of luck that Myles Donovan and his bandmates in Disemballerina decided to ask me for a review.

The release sets itself quite favorable with bands who do this type of gothic/classical hybrid. The tracks tend to be dark but delicate, and, should the band decide to aim their focus in this direction, they could produce a perfect soundtrack to any Tim Burton movie.

[Music] Benjamin Clementine live at the Burberry Menswear January 2016 show

I have about zero interest in Burberry Menswear. It’s not my thing, though I can see where it would appeal to those who get a kick out of clothing. This video was supposed to highlight Burberry’s line of clothing, but that gets smashed immediately by the arresting voice of Benjamin Clementine, a man who, shockingly, spent part of his teenage years living as a homeless person. He’s really got quite a future ahead of him.

[Music] How Chicago’s Black Youth Inspired An Unreleased David Bowie Album

There’s a “Yes, but…” here, as Young Americans would be the album which came from the ashes of this unreleased album. Still, it’s so nice that this new David Bowie box set, Who Can I Be Now?, includes this unreleased gem.

Read more about it here, courtesy of i-d/Vice Magazine.

[Music] Bettina feat​. ​Márk Szöke and Thomas Gerendás ​-​ Clinical Feelings EP

Imagine a Japanese Tina Turner clone singing on top of a muffled, claustrophobia-inducing drum & bass track upholding a 60s soul groove. This is the glorious mess Thomas Gerendás and his collaborators have made.


I don’t know what is going on in France that is drawing in such amazing talent from outside her borders (it’s probably the incredibly good quality of local performers who are developing massive catalogs and worldwide respect for their bodies of work), but the country is seeing a small explosion of creativity. One case-in-point is the Mexican guitarist Hector Javier Ayala. He has begun releasing some incredible CDs recently (his newest will be reviewed here soon, but this particular album was done in collaboration with drummer Cedric Lemaire. The recordings are sparse, but gel together quite nicely. A lot of the material reminded be of Derek Bailey and is free improvisations with percussionists around the world.