[Poetry] ‘Letter to Marianna Kijanowska’ by Volodymyr Bilyk

I don’t get to run into much that would, at least where I live, be termed ‘hipster poetry’, but thanks to my Facebook colleague, Ukrainian poet and musician Volodymyr Bilyk, I have a chance to sample a taste:

Not sure if it really means something
But i have to write this:
you are in some way almost shriekingly anti-strange
and it dissappoints me so much that it makes me curious in a scientific way
and i think i’m having not-so-over-the-top insulting stroke of faux faith in complexity
all because of you

Ask me “why” before you’ll ask me “what”

I have no clue how to explain it
i know nothing about that
so let it be the poem
at least on that terms it seems to be coherent

shriekingly as screamingly but with the double entendre and ox breath on the corner after a fight
anti-strange as friction but in terms of knowing
curiosity as brave attempt and scientific just to kill-off rampart interest of instinct

and please dont laugh at it

not-so-over-the-top insulting stroke is the stroke as usual but only when you get used to them –
althrough it remains the same in every form it gets.
faux faith is like old-age faith, it even fools you in the same manner as encyclopedic explanation of faith fools its natural understanding

my faith in complexity happened
because i dont believe that it cant be so simple. You cant be like an early records of Einstuerzende Neubauten. You can’t be just like you are and nothing more. You can’t not hide something in the very deep of you. you cant have no second bottom. It’s impossibly ridiculous
and even if you laugh and answer me so clever i will say you “cool” i just think that it happens like that all the way through.

and still it makes me wonder insultingly
but what exactly?
but i have written what already
maybe the second of one which is second one

But i think i just had written it to be misunderstood
in a world-weary way of course

So let it be the letter
And let it be my pay-off for the mad ununderstandung
And still i havent quoted Cohen’s song.

So long…

Anyone who references King Crimson in poetry is okay in my book.