[Music] Various Artists – Sahel Sounds Label Sampler

Sahel Sounds is at the vanguard of publishing modern music out of the Sahel and West Africa.  There is so much gold waiting to be mined out there that I don’t think it will be possible to tire of this fine company. In their generosity, they offer a compilation of 16 tracks for free (or […]

[Music] Kronos Quartet & múm – Smell Memory

The legendary chamber group the Kronos Quartet and Icelandic band múm are not exactly a pairing I would have expected to see work so well together.  This track has a history.  múm interpreted Smell Memory note for note, with Samuli Kosminen adding drums to the piece.  Quite an interesting pairing!

[Music] Various Artists – Voulez-Vouz Chacha? French Chacha 1960​-​1964

This has to be one of the happiest, most swinging comps I’ve heard in a while.  From the Born Bad Bandcamp site: Careful, “Let’s not get angry” suggests Spartaco Sax, the famed song accompanying French daily paper FRANCE-SOIR’s campaign against road violence: music isn’t that serious, often times really not. In any case, it is […]

[Music] V/A ~ THESIS DRIVE 2/3 — a closer listen

https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/album=1208150462/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=2ebd35/tracklist=false/artwork=small/ The THESIS PROJECT continues with another wonderful series, this one meant to accompany listeners while they travel. The length of the compositions ~ presented here by William Ryan Fritch, Drombeg, Hotel Neon and Marcus Fischer ~ invites immersion. Three pieces are over twenty minutes long, the fourth ten. As one can glean from the […]


Zeal Onyia-Trumpet King Zeal Onyia Returns. Label: BBE Music. It was none other than Louis Armstrong who upon hearing Zeal Onyia for the first time described him as: “the highlife hep cat of Nigerian jazz trumpet’. Like so many others before him, Louis Armstrong was captivated by the combination of Zeal Onyia’s unique tone, rhythm […] […]

[Music] Tindersticks – Across Six Leap Years

Some albums bear emotional scars of the artist and the listener equally well.  I cannot recommend Tindersticks highly enough if you are having a drink of vodka and lime and either reminiscing about a lost love or wondering how the hell you managed to land into the situation you’re currently in.  We need albums for […]