Adios, 2013! Welcome to 2014!

We at AMOT… would like to thanks our readers who have taken the time to send us messages of encouragement, which helps this site grow ever so slowly. We will continue to add lots of articles, links to things deemed worthy, and make wikis for many artists. If you have any suggestion as to how to make this blog better, do let us know!

A wonderful 2014 to you and yours,

The Management

[General] A Call To All Labels, Bands and Zines, Among Others

If you are a band, composer, orchestra, record label, club, zine or anything else covering the genres listed below, consider submitting your link so that we can document you and serve as a clearinghouse for interesting music, art, film, literature, typography and whatnot.

For music, we like: experimental, noise, jazz, improvisational, classical (in all its permutations), alternative, indie, old country, reissues, psychedelic, progressive, post-Industrial, EBM, minimal techno, electronica, and a host of others.

For everything else, we’ll take a look, and if we like it, we’ll add you to our wiki with great pleasure.

Please consider spreading the word.

May you all have a wonderful 2014!

The Management.