[Video] Naná Vasconcelos – Saudades

Naná Vasconcelos is, perhaps, the finest jazz percussionist in the world. Having collaborated with the likes of Brian Eno, Jon Hassell and Don Cherry, among so many others, he has also been an extremely prolific composer and performer in his own right. This particular album is tonight’s soundtrack as I talk with my own Brazilian.

[Article] Notes and Music The words of Virgil Thomson, composer and critic

Algis Valiunas of The Weekly Standard writes on one of the most ‘American’ of composers, as well as an essayist par excellence, Virgil Thomson, who is rightfully remembered by those who love literary criticism, especially when it comes to the arts. His fame deserved to be spread to laymen as well.

Rod McKuen, mega-selling poet and performer, dies at 81

Sure, people thought he was corny, and some of his poems were a bit… well… difficult to read without either giggling or smirking on occasion. But those albums of his… Truly masterful easy listening. RIP, Rod McKuen. News on his passing can be read here, courtesy of Yahoo!

[Video] Peter Brötzmann / Shoji Hano / Tetsu Yamauchi / Haruhiko Gotsu – Dare Devil

Peter Brötzmann was my introduction to free jazz. The genre is full of brutal music, and it seems that Herr Brötzmann is its (vodka) king. It’s for a good reason. He is a tireless skronker, has more energy in his 70s that many fellow travelers do in their 30s. He also knows whom to collaborate […]

[Podcast] ‘Queasy Listening 20150126’ by Cloudy Grey

https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?feed=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mixcloud.com%2Fcloudygrey%2Fqueasy-listening-20150126%2F&embed_uuid=4bc95f56-16b3-4220-8d91-136ccafa9804&replace=0&hide_cover=1&embed_type=widget_standard&hide_tracklist=1 Queasy Listening 20150126 by Cloudy Grey on Mixcloud If you are a fan of post-Industrial avant-garde music, Cloudy Grey is going to be mandatory listening for you. Their ‘Queasy Listening’ series is an amazing walk back in time, and is doing a fine job hipping the kids to newer artists as well. With so […]