[Video] Peter Brötzmann / Shoji Hano / Tetsu Yamauchi / Haruhiko Gotsu – Dare Devil

Peter Brötzmann was my introduction to free jazz. The genre is full of brutal music, and it seems that Herr Brötzmann is its (vodka) king. It’s for a good reason. He is a tireless skronker, has more energy in his 70s that many fellow travelers do in their 30s. He also knows whom to collaborate with.

In this piece for the Japanese record label DIW (an old favorite of mine), he collaborates with Shoji Hano, Tetsu Yamauchi and Haruhiko Gotsu in a piece that melds free jazz together with a sort of broken blues. Yes, it’s a mess, but a lovely one.

[Podcast] ‘Queasy Listening 20150126’ by Cloudy Grey


Queasy Listening 20150126 by Cloudy Grey on Mixcloud

If you are a fan of post-Industrial avant-garde music, Cloudy Grey is going to be mandatory listening for you. Their ‘Queasy Listening’ series is an amazing walk back in time, and is doing a fine job hipping the kids to newer artists as well.

With so many amazing podcasts, it’s time to consider interviewing a few of these people for more exposure.