[Music] Bing Satellites – Twilight Sessions Volume Eight

Brin of Bing Satellites has to be one of the most prolific composers working on Bandcamp.  He is constantly putting out quality ambient music, and though it’s difficult to keep up with artists who overwhelm you wish downloads, it’s good to see that they can maintain a high standard for each release.

[Music] Kryshe – Hauch

  Experimental music can sound beautiful at times.  Kryshe makes gentle, pensive music.  This came as part of a package of free releases from Serein Records.  From his Bandcamp page: After the release of his album March Of The Mysterious for Serein in 2017, Kryshe (Christian Grothe) returns with Hauch – an album of eight […]

[Music] MARIANNE FAITHFUL’S DECCA YEARS. — dereksmusicblog

Marianne Faithful’s Decca Years. By March 1964, it was apparent that pop music wasn’t just a passing fad. The Beatles were a global phenomenon, and the British Invasion of the American charts had just begun. Britain was a musical powerhouse, that the world envied. Despite this, many labels weren’t resting on their laurels. Record companies […] […]

[Music] Säure Adler – Polnische Kassette

I don’t know if Säure Adler will ever surpass their Krautrock masters, but on this release, they’re really getting close.  This was one of the most enjoyable forays into tripsville I’ve had in a while.  It was nice to hear the floaty, beefy, textured tunes over a good set of speakers while relaxing before work.  […]

[Music/Podcast] Neurotica (featuring Jeffrey Kinart and Adrian Belew)

I couldn’t be happier to promote this upcoming show! My old friend and colleague Jeffrey Kinart is pairing with the legendary Adrian Belew on a new podcast called (what else?) Neurotica. Check out the bumper on the Spotify link to get a taste as to what’s headed your way. It will expand to other services […]

[Music] The Ed Palermo Big Band – Eddy Loves Frank

  Judging by the quality of the music and the fact that this is Ed Palermo’s third full-length album dedicated to Frank Zappa’s avant-big-band interpretations, I think that the album title is apropos.  Eddy does indeed loves Frank!  From his Bandcamp site: Ed and his amazing 16 piece band (+ guests) return with his third […]

[Music] RICK WAKEMAN-1973-1977: HIS GLORY YEARS. — dereksmusicblog

Rick Wakeman-1973-1977: His Glory Years. In January 1973, Rick Wakeman released his sophomore album The Six Wives Of Henry VIII, which was a groundbreaking album, one that would forever change prog rock. The Six Wives Of Henry VIII was the album that legitimised synths in prog rock. This was a game-changer. Following the success of […] […]