[Lit] ‘Dr. Zhivago’: The Classic Book That Was Almost Never Published

Russia bans books and movies from time to time. It takes a lot of cheek to compare banning a literary classic like Boris Pasternak’s ‘Dr. Zhivago‘ to trash like Pussy Riot, but this is what one learns to expect from the Huffington Post. Still, the literary world would have been a poorer place had ‘Dr. […]

[Lit/Culture] Why Did Borges Hate Soccer?

I’m ambivalent towards soccer. As a kid, I supported a few teams (namely Celta Vigo and Cruz Azul), but never felt the raging support some comrades who love ‘the beautiful game’ felt for their teams. It was no big deal to me, just something fun to watch. Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges, who witnessed fascism […]

[Lit] Unpublished Pablo Neruda love poems discovered in Chile

Wonder of wonders, the Los Angeles Times reports on spectacular news! Apparently, some lost poems written by the Chilean Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda have surfaced in Chile, and will be published by Seix Barral, a publishing company from Spain. The Los Angeles Times has more on this wonderful news here.

[Review] Santiago Fradejas – 16 Pieces for Electric Guitar & Electroacoustic Ensemble

16 Pieces for Electric Guitar & Electroacoustic Ensemble by Santiago Fradejas Because there is so much incredible music coming out all the time, documenting it is becoming a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully, I’m subscribed to enough Facebook music groups to keep me abreast as to what new sounds are popping up. One of the […]

Housekeeping, June 2014

It gives me great pleasure to announce that more and more links are being placed onto the front page of the blog, organized by subject. It is my hope that those who come across the website and blog find it to be a useful source for interesting music, film, literature, art and other subjects. Should […]