[Music] FANT^MS ~ Roomtones — a closer listen

What do Frédéric Nogray, Lee Patterson and Pali Meursault (FANT^MS) have in common? All are fascinated with sounds that would normally remain unheard. Nogray specializes in industrial crucibles forged into singing bowls; Patterson prefers springs, motors and chemical reactions; Meursault focuses on failing neon light and other electromagnetic activity. Under natural circumstances, one might expect their […]

FANT^MS ~ Roomtones — a closer listen

We had to take a hiatus due to some unforeseen personal issues popping up, but we’re happy to be back, starting with giving a nod to our colleagues at a closer listen who give us a taste of experimental composers Frédéric Nogray, Lee Patterson and Pali Meursault collaborating as FANT^MS.


[Music] Khurmo Shirinova – Badakhshan

It looks like we’ve found an obscure little beastie upon our return. Khurmo Shirinova was a rather attractive singer from the Soviet Republic of Tajikistan who plied her trade and reached fame during the 1980s.

Sounds of Asia have done the world a fine service by reissuing this strangely charming Soviet pop gem.

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[Music/Graphic Design] Erikoismerkki Kirjasuunnittelu / Special Character Book Design

I run into some truly kind, rather brilliant artists constantly. I wanted to give a heads up to designer John Hubbard’s website. Here’s a bit more about his work:

A professional book designer since 1994,
my emphasis is on illustrated art catalogs,
photography books, and elevating music
packaging to book form…
along with designing record albums,
CDs, DVDs, film posters, children’s books,
cookbooks, and so on.

With my situational approach to design,
a great love and knowledge of typography, color,
and printing, I will  translate your ideas 
into a thought-provoking
professional publication.

Our collaboration will generate a new juxtaposition
of ideas, providing balanced and engaging form
to your content.

My personal interests extend beyond books
to photography, music making, and enjoying
the sights and sounds in between.

After a lifetime in Seattle,
I now reside in central Finland 
with my wife and daughter.

Thank you for looking.

John Hubbard

 B O O K  D E S I G N E R   /   C R E A T I V E   D I R E C T O R

What is particularly pleasing to the eye is his music design, which you can peruse here. Consider supporting his work.


[Music] Meet Flipper’s Ted Falconi, Vietnam Vet and Punk Rock Legend

Many thanks to my dear bro Hubert Heathertoes, who is a fountain of wonderful information worth sharing. This article from local radio station KQED does a nice retrospective on one of the Bay Area’s most influential punk rock icons, Flipper singer Ted Falconi. He was not only a leading light in alternative music, but a Vietnam Vet with plenty to say about his experiences.


[Music] The Durgas – Shut Down

It’s hard to believe a band which now sounds like a contemporary of Neil Young or other rock stars at their most reflective (and yes, that’s a compliment, as I still have a healthy respect for rock & roll music’s transformative powers) began their career as an utterly brutal agit-punk band, A Subtle Plague, whose first demo was produced by Beastie Boys legend Adam Yauch, if memory serves.

This particular song has a rather personal meaning explained to me by my dear friend and damn near older brother, Ekke. It’s perhaps too personal to get into here, but let’s say it’s a song based on the oldest of topics – love and loss.

The core members of The Durgas, Christopher and Benjii Simmersbach, have managed to maintain high music quality despite many personnel changes, genre changes, location changes and more. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them, and of course, I wish them continued success. They’re good lads from a good, good family.


[Music] The Hip Priest Radio Program, Volume 8 — The Hip Priest Radio Program

Track Listing: 1. Barış Manço – Gül Bebeğim 2. Howling Eye – Junkhead (Live At Estrada) 3. Julia Kent – Waverly 4. 空手王 (Karate King) – Celestial Sequence 5. 65daysofstatic – Broken Ship Ruse 6. horhors – Derszu Uzala/3 (Sikhote-Alin mix) 7. Magick Lantern Cycle – Circular Ruins […]

The Hip Priest Radio Program, Volume 8 — The Hip Priest Radio Program

[Music] Sanjay Leela Bhansali – Bajirao Mastani – Deewani Mastani

Sometimes a bit of levity is good to calm the nerves. Sanjay Leela Bhansali composed this charmer for the film Bajirao Mastani from 2015. Sumptuous listening in a time of hell.

Thanks to Ignatios for sharing this with me earlier as well. It’s a blessing to have friends who bring you a wide array of music.