[Music] This Is Wreckage – I Don’t Live, I Exist

I’ve quite enjoyed releases from Forbidden Place Records, as I’ve come to enjoy stoner rock and more advanced and interesting forms of metal, a genre I couldn’t stand some years ago.  This Is Wreckage offer a rather brutal, bass-driven album which would remind a listener of groups like Pailhead (the collaboration between Ministry and Fugazi/Minor […]

[Music] RRUFF – Impresiones

RRUFF are a band based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.  Though they are tagged as “dungeon-synth,” there is a dark, rather pleasant, atmospheric, air about this two-track album.  The work seems to come from a performance-oriented project focused on the ideas of Joan Fontcuberta regarding the state of photography and image. From the band’s Bandcamp page: Today […]

[Music] Yann Rouquet – The Silent North EP

Yann Rouquet is a composer out of Paris, France, who surprised me with a very short, but very relaxed, subdued and rather charming EP of ambient music with a cinematic bent.  There seems to be a lot of it around, and I quite like that. I look forward to hearing Yann develop these concepts further […]

[Music] Lalić – Post Mortal Gothic

We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the work of Lalić before (in December of 2019, in fact), but this new release showcases them diving deeper into post-punk.  This release sounds like touches of a The Sound, Suicide (without the reliance of electronics), and even bands like Berlin, though far less polished (and this is to […]

[Music] Zan Hoffman & Hubert Heathertoes – Kaunastic Relapse of Idiosyncrasies: The Baltic Innoculation and other wayward ditties

Zan Hoffman and Hubert Heathertoes have been featured twice on this blog before (see here and here), and each time, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by their output.  The good lads continue their tradition of splicing together drone, field recordings, and an aura of pleasantly calming weirdness together for well over an hour of headphone bliss.