[Music] Silber Records: New Drone & Sound Experiments from Yellow6, Chvad SB, & Anda Volley

From our friends at Silber Media:


I hope you are doing well.  Things are going well in Silberia at the moment, no one is sick for the first time in a while.  Things in life have taken weird turns with me ending up with five part time jobs (plus Silber!), but bills seem to be getting paid & the stability has made me not be so stressed out as I have been the past year so I’m finally getting in the right space to be able to get some Silber work done.  So suddenly, bam! Three new releases this week & probably a few more next week (maybe earlier with some of them).


We’ve been working with Yellow6 a lot over the past couple of years & I wish we’d been working with him longer.  The new micro-EP/single Springsun is a recording from a couple months ago of loop driven ambient guitar drone.  Great stuff worth checking out.

Buy or listen on Silber – http://www.silbermedia.com/yellow6/springsun.shtml

Buy or listen on Bandcamp – https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/springsun


Chvad SB has been working on Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 for a couple years & I’d almost given up on it coming to fruition.  Chvad built a modular synth capable of self-generating musical pieces & putting it together & taking it apart was part of the collaboration process between man & machine on this piece influenced by classic sci-fi movies about the nature of artificial intelligence as well as their soundtracks.

Buy or listen on Silber – http://www.silbermedia.com/chvad-sb/pcdab20.shtml

Buy or listen on Bandcamp – https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/phenomenalism-cartesian-doubt-and-bomb-20

Listen on Spotify – https://play.spotify.com/album/6h7FRuwEQJ23KsUnN4t4Oh


The 5in5 series is back & launching this batch (I think there are about ten coming out in the next few weeks) is Anda Volley.  I’m kinda surprised I never ran into Anda before as she lived in NC back in the 1990s, but I’m glad to have run into her now.  The music on Paper Moon is in the vein of some of the 1980s avant pop stuff like Laurie Anderson or Siouxsie and the Banshees.  If it sounds interesting, it only takes 5 minutes t listen, so check it out.

Buy or listen on Silber – http://www.silbermedia.com/5in5/anda-volley-paper-moon.shtml

Buy or listen on Bandcamp – https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/paper-moon

 For you Spotify users, I am doing my best to keep a fresh playlist of the ten latest releases from Silber on it.  Follow the playlist & I think Spotify will tell you when I add stuff to it.


 Working on the next issue of QRD which will include some more entries in our fathers interviews as well as some interviews with guitarist, touring musicians, & cartoonists.  Hope to be getting that out shortly as well.  Ads start at $5 if you are interested.

 Thank you for your interest & support, it really does help me to keep things going.  Spread the word on social media about anything you think is interesting or cool.  If you want to be taken off the mailing list just let me know.

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