[Sample] Gaetir The Mountainkeeper – Rúnatal

Many thanks to Alexander Wolf, who posted this on one of the many fora I visit daily. Though I think calling this music ‘epic neo-folk doom’ is a bit banal under normal circumstances, it might actually work to describe this music rather well.

Gaetir The Mountainkeeper are going to be interesting to follow up on, though, at least according to Google, there’s no further information about the band.

One thought on “[Sample] Gaetir The Mountainkeeper – Rúnatal

  1. Ask, and you shall receive! Thanks to Alexander who provided me a bit more info:

    “Dear friends, let me introduce you to my side project, Gaetir – The Mountainkeeper. It’s inspired by the Norse mythology, particulary with the literature such as the Norse Edda. In fact, lyrics are on the Old Norse and are so far based solely on original Edda material. Musically somewhat similar to Paleowolf, but with some touches of doom and classical music. A strange mix and a peculiar creation, for those who are into this kind of stuff. Enjoy!


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