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[Music] Before Bauhaus: How Goth Became Goth

Many thanks to my old friend Andrés for sharing this pleasant history of Goth.

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[Music] Lisa Knapp & David Tibet – Staines Morris

Lisa Knapp is, at least for me, a new and rather pleasant voice in English folk music. She makes a huge impression with this traditional tune by pairing up with David Tibet of Current 93 fame.

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[Video] Nolan “N. F.” Porter – Keep On Keepin’ On

Nolan (then known as N. F.) Porter was an American Northern Soul singer whose hit, which we’re hearing now, would be the catalyst for Joy Division getting signed to a major label. While the band scrapped their attempt at covering the song, the guitar lick would serve as the foundation of their track, Interzone, as heard below:

For more on the story between N.F. Porter and Joy Division, check out this post by OpinEars.

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[Sample] Gaetir The Mountainkeeper – Rúnatal

Many thanks to Alexander Wolf, who posted this on one of the many fora I visit daily. Though I think calling this music ‘epic neo-folk doom’ is a bit banal under normal circumstances, it might actually work to describe this music rather well.

Gaetir The Mountainkeeper are going to be interesting to follow up on, though, at least according to Google, there’s no further information about the band.

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[Video] Public Image Ltd. – Banging The Door

Going through some old post-punk albums last night, Public Image Ltd‘s name came to mind. Thanks to Enzo Notorio’s good taste, he pointed me to the direction of The Flowers of Romance, which contained this gem.

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[Review] Roses Never Fade – Devil Dust

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the Apocalyptic Folk/Neofolk genre (or Wyrd Music, or whatever it’s called today). Most of the bands sound the same, usually rip off the old masters of the genre like Death In June, Blood Axis or Allerseelen. The music is nice, but not terribly interesting or something I’d come back to for repeated listening.

Enter Roses Never Fade. The music in their latest release, Devil Dust, published on Neuropa Records, comes as a breath of fresh air.

The first five minutes of the release feel a bit like the scene in the Andrei Tarkovsky, when the pilot flies into Solaris. Hazy, crunchy, like driving right into a cloud. Reminiscent of early Industrial soundtracks and Pink Floyd at their most esoteric. Once things become musical, things become very interesting.

Though it may not have been a conscious act, the band sound like they are channeling The Swans/World of Skin/M. Gira, and mixing it with more progressive folk like the legendary Comus. That was what immediately came to mind. Sure, there are also a few vocal styling which remind me of Douglas Peace in his youth, but the material flows nicely, and by about the 7th minute, I feel like I’m hearing elements of The Byrds in their psychedelic country phase.

A unique release. Go here to find more information about the band and Neuropa Records.

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[Video] Sol Invictus – Believe Me

A special thank-you to Tanja Heimpapen, who originally posted this video on Facebook of Sol Invictus in prime later-era form.