[Music] Destruktionsanstalt – Swedenborg

Though it must amuse my confessors to no end, I grew up enjoying the bleakest of sounds in early Industrial music and the black ambient music which followed about a decade or so later. The best of the lot seem to be growing out of the calm climes of Scandinavia, and the best of that lot is coming, these days, from Denmark. Per Najbjerg Odderskov, known by aliases like Destruktionsanstalt, Liller_Per, God Cancer, Left Hand Of God, Lidane Livering, and The G.R Orchestra, has a long, storied history in the saga of black ambient music.

As Destruktionsanstalt, Per graces us with one of the most beautifully bleak compositions I’ve heard in quite some time. In a scene where children think they’re being cute by inverting a cross (sorry, St. Andrew beat you to that one) and turning on a vacuum cleaner, and then having the nerve to try to sell this to an unsuspecting sucker, it is good to hear a master craftsman carve the equivalent of a Caravaggio out of pure black matter.

Going through the tracks, one can feel a lot of heavy vibes, deep emotion, and perhaps despair. This isn’t meant to make the CD sound like a gruesome experience, however – far from it, in fact. There’s a beauty even in the darkest of music, as the act of composition itself is a life-bringing experience. The packaging for this CD is also quite exquisite, done more to look like a book or a piece of art rather than a mere jewel-case.

For connoisseurs of black ambient, it’s quite an honor to present to you a crowning jewel for your collection.

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