[Music] diNMachine News: ‘The Opposites of Unity’ Vinyl @RoughTrade, @RecordGrouch

From our friends at diNMachine Records:

The Opposites of Unity VINYL is now shipping


Shortly available at Record GrouchRough Trade Records etc.

“…takes listeners on what at first appears to be a disjointed exploration of noise. But with a little deeper effort, the complexities of sound clearly come together…” Indieminded

Pressed at Gotta Groove Records

Mastered at Saff Mastering

Produced by Greedy Dilettante Records


The song “Fawcett” is a welcome addition to the small field of danceable experimental jams. If you don’t start dancing along with its tribal rhythm, I’d be very surprised. It has a samba feel paired with strings and piano that not only work together but work hand in hand. Still – there are jolts here and there of unconventional additions (is that a bike tire sound? A whirring paint shaker? What is the break sound?). –Huffington Post

The collagist tendencies are on full display in “Jabbr Wawky,” which invokes the ethos of the nonsense poem of the (nearly) same name. Atop a classic hip-hop rhythm, diNMachine churn out air horns, wonky instrumental blips, and a bunch of vocal samples. Later, in the track “Brisé,” dissonant piano flourishes, ghostly electronic pads, obscure warbles, and mosquito-like buzzing offer a crash course in what psychosis might feel like. –AXS

“The pop music envelopes continue to be pushed by diNMachine on ‘The Opposites of Unity’ where composition minded creations roll forth into new forms & self-styled structures that defy convention and pigeon holing.“ –IMPOSE Magazine

The music of New York City-based outfit diNMachine isn’t easily characterized or deconstructed—their dance rock/electronic hybrid concoctions are built upon unexpected rhythms and a need to confound assumptions. By drawing influence from across the musical spectrum, they force their listeners to meet them halfway, to give just as much in the observation and experience of the music as the band does in creating it. –Nooga

“Imaginative, full of surprises and anything but bland and stale.” –Brooklyn Rail

“Schumacher…allows sounds rather than their source to hold the attention, and his results are outstanding.” –The Wire





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