[Music] Sturqen / vÄäristymä – Atonia

Nervu is a Portuguese ambient music record label who debuted with this split release between their countrymen Sturqen and Finnish brothers Janne Liimatainen and Jarko Hedenius (who operate under the monicker vÄäristymä). This release reminds me of the gorgeous minimalism of Pan Sonic and their side project Ø.  Perfect headphone music.

[Music] Redefining Russian Techno

From the Bandcamp article, which can be found here: Russian techno is stylistically varied—from ultra industrial to sleazy disco, hazy cassette labels to crisp and urbane house. But often there’s a moodiness, an underlying bleakness to the sound that feels like it’s channeling a harsher Soviet past. Certainly, experimentation is rife, and “live”-ness is important—musicians […]

[Music] Bettina feat​. ​Márk Szöke and Thomas Gerendás ​-​ Clinical Feelings EP

Imagine a Japanese Tina Turner clone singing on top of a muffled, claustrophobia-inducing drum & bass track upholding a 60s soul groove. This is the glorious mess Thomas Gerendás and his collaborators have made.

[Music] diNMachine News: ‘The Opposites of Unity’ Vinyl @RoughTrade, @RecordGrouch

From our friends at diNMachine Records: The Opposites of Unity VINYL is now shipping   Shortly available at Record Grouch, Rough Trade Records etc. “…takes listeners on what at first appears to be a disjointed exploration of noise. But with a little deeper effort, the complexities of sound clearly come together…” Indieminded Pressed at Gotta Groove Records Mastered at Saff Mastering Produced […]