[Music] Scott Walker – Farmer In The City

The loss of Scott Walker is about as monumental for many as was the loss of, say, David Bowie or Mark Hollis.  Though I had known about his pop music (including the reinterpretation of Jacques Brel’s hit, Le Chanson de Jacky), this song was a revelation.  It was so far removed from pop music that I figured it sounded more like a combination of cabaret music done by experimental or apocalyptic folk musicians.  It was a brilliant career pivot, and he ended up working with some really intriguing characters until his passing yesterday.

2 thoughts on “[Music] Scott Walker – Farmer In The City

  1. what a loss! he was a great composer, singer and a strong personality. and he booked my friends Fuckhead to the Meltdown-Festival in London 2000 as a curator. he gave me so much inspiration, great moments with his singing and his compositions are as fresh as produced in the days of “Tilt” for example.
    rest in peace Mr. Engel!
    and Engel means in german angel!


    • Wolfgang, I couldn’t agree more. He was truly something special, someone incredible. I truly hope he is resting in a comfortable, peaceful place at this moment – a reward for all the amazing treasures he left us.


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