[Music] Jos Smolders – *​.​5O (for Frans de Waard)

Experimental music composer Jos Smolders is a friend of these pages, and it warms the heart a bit to see him pay tribute to Frans de Waard, the composer known as Kapotte Muziek and Beequeen who has also been one of the editors of the crucial Vital Weekly for eons. It is because of both […]

[Music] The Ed Palermo Big Band – Eddy Loves Frank

  Judging by the quality of the music and the fact that this is Ed Palermo’s third full-length album dedicated to Frank Zappa’s avant-big-band interpretations, I think that the album title is apropos.  Eddy does indeed loves Frank!  From his Bandcamp site: Ed and his amazing 16 piece band (+ guests) return with his third […]

[Music] Santiago Fradejas – The Box You Sleep In

It’s a very happy occasion when I get to review a new album by Santiago Fradejas!  Our friend, guitarist and composer now based in Barcelona, Spain, comes at us with another disc full of soundscapes which sit well between the more mellow compositions of John McLaughlin, the usual powerful post-Industrial soundscapes, and maybe because I […]

[Music] Bérangère Maximin – No One Is An Island

Along with Benjamin Aït-Ali, I think it’s safe to say that Bérangère Maximin is the best thing to come out of France in terms of avant-garde music.  For a long while, I kept seeing her work pop up on my Facebook feeds, and each piece left me impressed.  Things stopped around 2016 or so, but […]

[Music] Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective – Libyan Circle Voice Simulation

  Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective are Ho Chi Minh City’s finest experimental group.  Their sound reminds me of the lo-fi bedroom vibe Xpressway Records in New Zealand had.  Think of projects run by Roy Montgomery, like Dadamah, to get an idea of how wonderfully drony this material is.  

[Music] Various Artists – Kalamine Records: Inside / Beside

  Kalamine Records is an experimental music label out of Bordeaux, France.  They have a very impressive roster of composers and groups who have a amazing command of studio techniques, making filmic, creepy compositions.  This is essential headphone listening.  

[Music] The Rosenshoul – Low Winter Sun (Deluxe Edition)

The Rosenshoul are a side project of the folks behind Flowers For Bodysnatchers (namely Duncan Ritchie).  If you thought FFB were bleak, this goes a bit deeper into the bowels of Hades. What is particularly remarkable is the fact that time stands still for a good portion of this album.  One can feel like they […]