[Music] Pipi Caca – Les Miettes Dans le Lit

I’m not normally a fan of bands who feel the need to use bodily functions to name a band, but Pipi Caca deliver a steaming pile of good music, mixing alternative music, chanson, R&B, trap and a touch of funk here and there.  Another great release by La Souterraine Records.

[Music] Terre Battre – TB2

La Souterraine continue to be the best alternative music label out of France.  Each release is a treasure in and of itself, but the fact that they are free means that they should be accessible to anyone who has the time or opportunity to listen to them.  I would highly recommend downloading these files in […]

[Music] Ensemble – Envies D’Avalanches

This gem is from 2010. It boggles my mind that this gorgeous single escaped my grasp for so long, but I suppose I could say that about a host of reissued albums from all over the world. Not, however, from such a great work out of Montreal (though it seems band leader Olivier Alary is originally […]

[Video] Magdalith – La Naissance

Except finding that Magdalith was from Toulouse, France, that she was a stunningly beautiful Jewish woman who converted to Roman Catholicism and that she sang in Hebrew as well as her native French (with inflections which remind me of Diamanda Galás), there is scant information available about this artist. Any info would be highly appreciated, […]