[Music/Radio] OORSPRONG Curators Series Announcement

Raoul van der Weide of Oorsprong sends over this announcement. Support them, as The Netherlands does a wonderful job in promoting great music!

For all OCS participants: curators, performing curators and performers

of this document.

‘OORSPRONG curators series/OCS’ since 2009.
Casting and presenting ‘blinddate+instant composing’ lneups.
A curators’ platform by improvisers for improvisers.


inviting, presenting and promoting unexpected and mixed ‘blinddate + instant composing’ lineups in the broadest multi disciplinary improvisational sense.

> Mission
> Practicals


OCS started in 2009 as a monthly curators platform, initiated by improvisers for improvisers open to all possible ‘instant composing’ discplines.
OCS is made possible by long term support of commited and volunteering individuals
OCS is based in Amsterdam and cooperates with content- and facility-partner STEIM (Studio For Electro-Instrumental Music) and BIMhuis organisation and is hosted by Plantagedok/Jochem van Tol.
OCS produces 10 monthly 3 different ‘blinddate+instant composing’ sets editions pro year, first edition in September last edition in June.
OCS Agenda via htp://www.oorsprong.wordpress.com

NEW Address venue:
‘Plantagedok’ at DokZaal
Plantage Doklaan 8-12




OORSPRONG curators series/OCS is on Fb.

Contact/coordination > raoul van der weide 0031(0) 612541461 >

19:00 doors open for audience
19:30 start 1st set (Sharp!)
22:00 end of event

Admission 6

Thanks to OCS volunteers Guillaume Heurtebize/website; Stephane Kaas/flyer; Oscar Jan Hoogland/piano; Jochem van Tol/Plantagedok/hosting; Lali/assistence; George Hadow/assistence; STEIM/Nico Bes. BIMhuis/Huub van Riel.


‘The urge to promote, feed and refresh Improvisation Tradition in the broadest sense by ongoing social (blinddate) and artistic (instant composing) unique experimental lineups.

OCS’s programming concept focuses specifically on mixing of (a) dance, (b) electronics and (a) acoustic improvisation via unique unprecedented/blinddate lineups.

OCS lineups are always social (blinddate) and artistic (instant composing) experiments at work. Performances can be considered as non-academic lectures, being part of a lifelong individual and collective improvisation learning-, reflecting- and development process.

⁃ Every month 3 different curators (from a, b and c background) are invited by OCS to cast a mixed improvisation lneup. They cast, invite and present each a ‘blinddate+instant composing’ lineup starting from trio format to larger formats. No solo, no duo, no regular groups, no projects, no ensembles, no rehearsals. In short: high degree zero social and artistic comfort zone.

⁃ Minimum lineup format is trio, larger formats are welcome too.

⁃ In additon to the high degree zero programming, no performer/curator can participate more than 1 x a season at the OCS series. At most.

⁃ These programming rules are meant to stimulate optimal circulation of a mix of new and known and unknown performers/curators in the OCS series.


Close Reading: equipment, travel expenses, parking, no-guestlists, self-promotion

⁃ 17:00 doors open for OCS participants for set-up, sound check and warm-up
⁃ 18:00 vegetarian meal served for all OCS participants
⁃ 19:00 doors open for audience
⁃ 19:30 start 1st set (sharp)
⁃ OCS has stadard equipment delivered by STEIM: speakerboxes, cables, mixer. Standard. For more specific requests pleas contact Nico Bes > nico@steim.nl + 06236887777.
⁃ OCS has a tuned baby grand piano
⁃ OCS is a no/low budget collective initiative supported and made possible by the ongoing support of a variety of volunteering individuals including curators and performers.
⁃ OCS will cover domestic travel expenses made by OCS curators and performers.
⁃ OCS does not work with ‘guestlists’. Paying the modest 6 euro admission is not only considered a gesture of financial support but also as a gesture of moral commitment to keep the series going. Nobody ‘earns’ in this series. All entrance is re-invested in catering and coverage of doemestic travel expenses, small repairings and piano tuning.
⁃ OCS Curators and performers are especially asked to promote OCS editions they participate in actively, via social media and other channels.
⁃ OCS participants can sell their cd’s at the bar.

Thank you for cooperating with OCS.

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