[Music] Valeri Fabrikant / CLC

From The Sunday Experience:

there was a time in mid to late 90’s when it seemed like Montreal was the centre of the musical universe, beneath the safe haven of Constellation records the likes of godspeed and fly pam am where left to nurture their post rock atmospherique. Some two decades down the line, yes two decades, time really does fly, its seems as though Veleri Fabrikant and CLC have keenly been influenced, influenced enough in fact to embrace that same spirit by tailoring their collaborative epic in the shadows ‘say goodbye to the world as we know it’ in the same kind of quietly majestic intricacy. At nearly 14 minutes in length ‘sun worshippers / gold diggers’ provides for a masterclass in both refrain / sustain and poise / pause, like the Grails magnified at quarter speed, there’s a dark beauty evolving and dissolving here amid a panoramic canvas populated by the sparse drone detailing and squirrelling scrapes that suggests an affinity with Kranky acts LaBradford and Stars of the Lid while likewise serving upon something carved with such stilled grandeur one suspects closer inspection might well be rewarded several fold.

Read more at their blog here.

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