The Netherlands is blessed with some of the most amazing performance venues in the world, if you like improv or World Music. It’s time I consider a long visit.

‘Music doesn’t exist. At most it’s an illusion’.
– Misha Mengelberg

PINTOTONICS n+1 is very pleased to announce 2 signature sets by Ada Rave/solo reeds + preparartions and the ‘SPOON 3’ trio.

St Antoniebreestraat 169
1011 HB Amsterdam
(020) 3700210 reservation

20:00 doors
20:30 start solo set
23:00 end of event

Tickets 10 + 7 (students/cjp)

Ada Rave/tenor+soprano sax+clarinet+preparations

Ada Rave > moving nearly 3 years ago from Buenos Aires to Amsterdam > is an active and powerful voice in Amsterdams’ improvisation scene, deserving close attention by any non-conformist improvisation lover.

SET 2 > Ensemble

Jodi Gilbert/voice
Robert van Heumen/laptop processing
Albert van Veenendaal/piano+prepared piano

‘In many aspects a band that crosses many styles. In the challenging trio combination piano, voice and laptop, voice uses unpolished if not absurdistic raw texts light years away from any jazz historical scat reference, laptop disturbing and supporting voice and prepared piano expressions into an amalgam of unpredictable sonic adventures’.

Coming up @ Pintotnics n+1 edition March 14 2016

Solo set >
Gordon Beeferman/piano

Ensemble set > C.B.G trio
Joachim Badenhorst/tenorsax+clarinet+bass-clarinet
Guillermo Celano/el guitar
Marcos Baggiani/drums+percussion

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