[Article] A Striking Exception

The Wall Street Journal do justice to the legacy of Manfred Eicher and perhaps the most amazing and success label you may never have heard of, ECM. From Stuart Isacoff’s article, a quote which sums up my personal opinion of him quite nicely:

“But the most striking exception at the Grammys belongs to ECM (Editions of Contemporary Music), nominated this time around for works by the little-known Polish-Russian composer Mieczyslaw Weinberg performed under the direction of Gidon Kremer. If anyone deserves an award for lifetime achievement, it is ECM’s founder, Manfred Eicher, a producer of over 1,600 albums—many of which have changed the course of recorded art

Here’s to Manfred and the crew at ECM, hoping they make another 1,600 wonderful albums.

[Photos] These Beautiful Old Books Are a Bibliophile’s Dream

Books as works of art in and of themselves. Remarkable. Simon Brown makes books look… desirable!

Many thanks to my friend Al Clark, whose group is a goldmine for oddities, especially when it comes to music. We may be miles apart politically, but this gorgeous photo set, like music, brings us into agreement.

Credit to Slate, who originally posted this link. Also, if you want to know more about Simon Brown and his work, check out this site.

[Photo] Oxford Union Library

A slice of heaven for me.

Many thanks to mirrior, who posted this photo today. I love libraries. My best memory comes from them, spending time with my parents or grandparents, learning about the world, letting my imagination run wild, while also keeping it grounded with history, philosophy and religion. It was a kindred soul, Jorge Luis Borges, who once quipped, “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” Perhaps he’s right.

A Smooch For History

You know the photo. It is perhaps the most iconic non-battle photo to come out of World War II. Marielena Montesino de Stuart and Carl Muscarello, the two subjects giving each other that legendary kiss, came together for a photo op on May 28, 2012. Montesino was running for Senate at the time. Muscarello had retired from the NYPD after working as a detective.

I mention the article for two reasons. The first is that Carl Muscarello bravely stopped one of two burglars from robbing him and his wife. It came as a surprise that he was a detective for NYPD. The second, and far more repugnant reason, was a feminist article decrying that kiss as sexual assault. The depths these people swim to with their garbage boggles the mind.

Thanks to Courage for America, Marielena’s site, for posting this article.