A Smooch For History

You know the photo. It is perhaps the most iconic non-battle photo to come out of World War II. Marielena Montesino de Stuart and Carl Muscarello, the two subjects giving each other that legendary kiss, came together for a photo op on May 28, 2012. Montesino was running for Senate at the time. Muscarello had retired from the NYPD after working as a detective.

I mention the article for two reasons. The first is that Carl Muscarello bravely stopped one of two burglars from robbing him and his wife. It came as a surprise that he was a detective for NYPD. The second, and far more repugnant reason, was a feminist article decrying that kiss as sexual assault. The depths these people swim to with their garbage boggles the mind.

Thanks to Courage for America, Marielena’s site, for posting this article.