[Music] Joachim Spieth – Tides

Joachim Spieth has has a fairly long and storied career as a musician and impresario of one of the best and bleakest of ambient record labels going today, Affin Ltd.  Take my word for it: bleak, in this case, is a compliment.

There will be no Bandcamp samples or vinyl releases of this album until sometime in March of 2020, but if you hear the sound samples posted below on Joachim’s SoundCloud account, you will listen to a booming (at least on these speakers), resonant sound that gives you the feeling of being immersed in an ocean the size and power of the one seen in Andrei Tarkovsky’s masterpiece, Solaris.

There are elements of Kosmische Musik, techno at is warmest, and a hint of darkness which reminded me of the best of albums produced by Cold Meat Industry in the 1990s.

This should go down as Joachim’s masterpiece.

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