[Music] Various Artists – Cuneiform Records: The Albums of 2019

Readers might be cognizant of the fact that I never post things that I don’t like, so you won’t find me writing anything negative.  With that being said, there are some labels who simply never let me down, and when a new release arrives from them, I’m more than happy to give them an open ear.

Steve Feigenbaum has captained Cuneiform Records for as long as I can remember, and 2019 was another amazing year for them.  This compilation highlights the best releases.  From the label’s Bandcamp site:

This special “Name Your Price” compilation album features creative and mind bending music throughout the course of 11 tracks all of which was released by Cuneiform Records in 2019.

We invite you to listen to ‘Cuneiform Records: The Albums of 2019’ and explore the wide spectrum of music we recently released over the year. Each track by each artist is unique; we invite you to sample all. And then, if you’ve not already done so, we encourage you to listen the full albums by the artists who most appeal to you

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