[Music] Siti & The Band – Fusing the Roots

Tanzania, as a whole, has amazing musical diversity.  Siti & The Band hail from Zanzibar, and you can hear the deep Arabic influence in their music.  From their Bandcamp website:

Zanzibar, the mystic island and home to world renowned musicians Siti Binti Saad and Bi Kidude as well as the Festival Sauti za Busara and Zanzibar International Film Festival, is proud to have born new voices to carry on the cultural legacy and mystic connected with this island:

Siti & The Band – a unique live experience, fusing traditional Taarab instruments, melodies and rhythms with western influences, are releasing their album “Fusing the Roots” early next year and are looking forward to tour in EA to present a very special musical experience!

“Fusing the Roots” is recorded evidence of the timelessness of Zanzibar’s traditional and contemporary music. The high quality recording, empowering lyrics and unique musical compositions of the album have beautifully entangled contemporary rhythms with Zanzibar’s most loved classical genre.

“I have been watching them play over the last several months and their progress is stunning. Siti and the Band are a group of musicians who know what they are doing and who are doing it well. Remembering the past and facing the present without fear is the only way tradition can remain vibrant. The music of Siti and the Band puts this idea into action.” Adrian Podgorny, Director Dhow Music Academy

“A wonderful performance and amazing experience: especially to hear this accomplished musicians and great arrangements in Fumba where Siti Binti Saad was born almost 150 years ago and we are building a new town now, is something I didn’t expect to happen”
Tobias Dietzold, COO Fumba Town Development, Zanzibar

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