[Video] I Baci – Cerco Lei

Sometimes, it’s very pleasant to hear a bit of 70’s schmaltz. When it’s done by Italians, it’s so much better!

There is no information readily available about I Baci (The Kisses), but the grooves here are perfectly in keeping with the richly over-produced…

2 thoughts on “[Video] I Baci – Cerco Lei

  1. I have no information as well, but I really love this tune! You’re right about the many “orchestral bands” (that’s the way they call them) that contended against the soloists a victory at the Cantagiro (a contest that followed the Giro d’Italia, the cycling race) or the Festival di Sanremo (still existing.. unlistenable from those times anyway). Few of them had succees, and for them the fame was huge! In the 60’s several bands had elements from the UK, with the new decade there were only Italians to play, in fact. Watching them live (I remember one or two concerts, I was 6 or 7 and I was with my parents) and with only their instruments, I remember that people went crazy.


    • Amazing. I remember seeing video footage of Sanremo, and I always wanted to watch it. It was, to me, like Eurovision. Silly, but fun. If you ever come across information on this band, please let me know. This track was extremely enjoyable, and I am finding a lot of great Italian music from the 1960s and 1970s.


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