Bitches Brew Revisited on its 50th Anniversary — Avant Music News

Source: The Guardian. Fifty years on, it still does. Next month will mark the 50th anniversary of Bitches Brew, a pivotal album that altered the trajectory of jazz, messed with the boundaries of funk, and pushed psychedelic rock to new heights of exploration. A double set released in March 1970, Bitches greatly advanced a pattern […] […]

[Music] Journey – Topaz (1975)

I loathe Steve Perry. No, not as a person. I’m sure he’s swell and a blast to hang out with. I mean what he did to Journey. Former members of Santana, guitarist Neal Schon and vocalist Gregg Rolie, started the band out as a really good jazz-fusion band, touched a bit with hard rock. Perry’s […]

[Video] Joe Zawinul – The Soul of a Village

This was a thoroughly unexpected find, though I’m indebted to my dear Rididillo Theitalian, who finds treasures like this on a daily basis. Joe Zawunil cut this odd piece well before his triumphant work with Miles Davis during his fusion period, and fronting his own band, the ever-amazing Weather Report.