[Video] Zagasan Shireet Tamga – Eki Attar (Mongolian Music [Rap Style] Throat Song “Fish Symboled Stamp”)

I take a tremendous amount of pride bringing interesting (dare I say, tasteful?) things to my friends and subscribers. This is one of the most unique offerings I’ve been fortunate enough to come across in quite a while. Mongolia offers many great styles of ethnic music, but I never thought I’d see Khöömei (throat-singing) paired with rap. I’m not much of a fan of modern hip-hop at all, but this really has me fascinated.

Points for anyone who can find the name of the band and the actual name of the song. I’d love to hear more from these guys.

UPDATE: The band is called Zagasan Shireet Tamga. The song, apparently is ‘Eki Attar’ (Good Horses).

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