[Music] Janne Hanhisuanto – Ambient Collection 2020

Janne Hanhisuanto is an ambient music composer out of Finland.  His soundscapes are about as bleak as his homeland.  What I enjoy most about his work is that it hovers somewhere between 5 and 9 minutes, and it gives one time to really let the mind enjoy each and every pulse of this work.  I’m […]

[Music] Max Corbacho – Echo Of Longing

Ambient music composer Max Corbacho has been producing soundscapes for 21 years now, and in this (free) release, he explores drone in a way that washes over the listener like waves in an ocean.  It’s an all-encompassing release, worth your time and any contribution you can give to it financially.  From Max’s Bandcamp website: Dear […]

[Music] Wayne Robert Thomas & Isaac Helsen – RÁS

Past Inside the Present Records are churning out incredible release after incredible release.  This one is a special gem, however, as guitarist and composer Wayne Robert Thomas & film composer Isaac Helsen pair upon a 30+ minute drone epic.  Though the who album floats beautifully, I have no choice but to declare the first track, […]

[Music] Cousin Silas – Ballard Landscapes 5

Cousin Silas is one of the leading lights of the underground bedroom ambient scene.  Like so many of these characters (whose work I highly regard), he releases a lot of music, but somehow manages to maintain a sense of purpose of each and every release.  These are crafted slabs of spacey, rich music for minds […]

[Music] Sonologyst – Phantoms

Our friend and impresario of one of the finest experimental record labels on Earth has just released his latest project. Raffaele Pezzella’s Sonologyst continues down the road of melding experimental music and field recordings into a hazy cocktail worthy of two or three shots of absinthe.  This is dream music if you’re into rough, surreal […]

[Music] Scanner – Lost At Sea

Musically, Scanner remains in a class by himself.  The broad paintbrush of ‘experimental music’ almost covers the scope of his work, yet he could easily fit in electronic music, IDM and most anything else he wants to.  This release is a touching tribute to fishermen from East Neuk who perished at sea.  From Scanner’s Bandcamp […]

[Music] Sea of Åland – Extended Play Three

Sea of Åland are an experimental music band out of Cottingham, England, who have been releasing a batch of rather great albums.  Though experimental music seems to be their main focus, their sound also digs deeply into post-rock, ambient and even a bit of a dark soundtrack vibe.  Very impressive listening.