[Music] Txema González ~ Insularum — a closer listen

Thanks to our friends at A Closer Listen, a blog we wholeheartedly recommend reading. We’re back in business, though we ask that you expect few posts until September. By then, we will have finished our move to Brno, Czechia.

It’s rare that we encounter an album devoid of liner notes. We assume the moniker of the Portuguese artist is a pseudonym, as Google lists Txema González as a cycling masseur who died in Seville a decade ago. We feel on firmer footing with the title; insularum means island, while the cover and second track title refer to a […]

Txema González ~ Insularum — a closer listen

[Music] Virus (Italy) – Eudaimonia

This was a very pleasant surprise.  Virus is, perhaps, not the best choice of band name only because there are so many great bands (including a legendary Austrian one I whose album I was listening to today) who share the monicker, but because it is about as far away from the music as possible.

The music claims to be influenced by bands like Sigur Rós, but I hear elements of New Order, some 80’s funk and pop, and a nearly shoegaze-meets-Gospel music feel.

Quite good!

[Music] Christopher Bissonnette – The Wine Dark Sea — music won’t save you

Italy’s finest post-rock and ambient music blog brings us an album I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Read the review of Christopher Bissonnette’s new opus below:

CHRISTOPHER BISSONNETTE – The Wine Dark Sea (Dronarivm, 2020) Il quinto lavoro sulla lunga distanza di Christopher Bissonnette, che giunge a cinque anni di distanza dal precedente “Pitch, Paper & Foil”, ne prosegue l’evoluzione del profilo in quello di compositore ambientale a tutto tondo. Sfumando ulteriormente le residue irregolarità che ne caratterizzavano l’espressione originaria, l’artista […]

via — music won’t save you

Tristan Eckerson/ Thomas Méreur/ Cedric Vermue / Plinki Plonki/ — Drifting, Almost Falling.



Another quick look back to some releases from 2019 that have been floating around DAF HQ (plus the new one from Tristan Eckerson as well). “Eckerson’s life, musical and otherwise, has been that of a nomad since his teenage years, when he left his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio to pursue his musical career. Since […]

via Tristan Eckerson/ Thomas Méreur/ Cedric Vermue / Plinki Plonki/ — Drifting, Almost Falling.