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His project is infamous for its sheer extremity and unapologetic harshness, but the din’s more nuanced than meets the ear.

via Lifetime Achievement: 7 Albums That Show The Many Sides Of Merzbow — Bandcamp Daily

[Music] o /\/\ /\/\ – █▄▄█

There is no information I can find out about the project (or performer?) o /\/\ /\/\, except to say that said person is from Slovakia.  I was looking for something heavy and noisy to wake me up after going through the hideous process of moving apartments in Beijing.  Well, this did the trick.

Though labeled as ‘blacknoise‘, this tends to be more wall-of-sound guitar improvisation than the cheesy metal I’ve seen other bands pull off under this genre.

This is an impressive album as noise records go.

[Music] Muslimgauze – Eleven Minarets

It’s a bit perplexing to think that Bryn Jones (a.k.a. Muslimgauze) has been dead for 20 years, and yet continues to ‘release’ music.  He must have been far more prolific than anyone could ever have imagined.  Thankfully, the quality of a good deal of this archival music has been excellent.  Not everything holds up, but this release gives the fans of the man what they want – experimental beats with a techno sensibility, made for dancing with heavy boots, I suppose.

[Music] Kevin Drumm – Christ!

This new album is titled after Our Lord and Savior, whether you like it or not.  I have no idea if Kevin Drumm, perhaps the most important American experimental musician and composer active these days is a believer, or if this is an ironic title made to slap onto a photo of a statue of Jesus, but musically, it’s a dreamy slice of ‘noise’.

Drumm never fails to deliver a great album, and in his generosity, he is offering his whole digital catalog for under $25.  A worthwhile investment.