[Music] Michael Bonaventure – In Tenebris Ratione Organi

Raffaele Pezzella of Eighth Tower Records continues to show what a magical ear he has for new music artists.  His latest release is by composer Scottish composer Michael Bonaventure, who makes full use out of the organ.  There are bits of sci-fi music, creepy soundtrack clips, electroacoustic music in the style of Pierre Henry’s freakier […]

[Music] Benoît Honoré Pioulard – Roanoke

I quite enjoy the field recordings and soundscapes Benoît Pioulard composes, though, for the life of me, I’m not sure how long this long line of great composers using field recordings will remain relevant, as all good scenes must come to an end, but it’s my hope that this sort of music will remain timeless, […]

[Music] Henri Pousser – Mixed Music (1966​-​1970)

Belgian composer Henri Pousser is receiving a beautifully done retrospective thanks to Sub Rosa Records releasing many of his works in a four-CD edition.  This is the fourth of four discs, and combines two of his long works together in four tracks.  Jon Whitney of Brainwashed.com does a phenomenal job concisely reviewing the album here.

[Music] NUM – False Awakening

Only a fool would believe we’re not living in a great time for music.  The world of pop is banal, and should only be seen as entertainment.  Actual music, that which is trying to continue breaking borders, bending (or snapping) rules, is doing quite well. Iranian-born composer Maryam Sirvan has been featured on the blog […]

[Music] Bérangère Maximin – No One Is An Island

Along with Benjamin Aït-Ali, I think it’s safe to say that Bérangère Maximin is the best thing to come out of France in terms of avant-garde music.  For a long while, I kept seeing her work pop up on my Facebook feeds, and each piece left me impressed.  Things stopped around 2016 or so, but […]

[Music] Jeff Gburek – Haunted Houses

  Jeff Gburek spent his Easter recording a dark album of piano music (with feedback and effects among his weaponry) played slowly with elongated, pensive strokes rather than crashing thuds.  This album is creepy, but not in the horror-movie way it would imply with the album title.  These tracks, like most of his works, are […]

[Music] Zan Hoffmann & Hubert Heathertoes – The Facets of Serendipitous Occurence (Boiro Saga​)

Hubert Heathertoes collaborates with one of the most prolific figures in the history of experimental music, Zan Hoffman.  The collaboration bears wonderful fruit, combining musique concrète, plunderphonics (reminiscent of Negativland), pops, scratches, clicks, and an unnerving feel to these compositions.  These two compliment each other well.