[Music] Flowers Must Die – Montana / Nusrat EP

  The freaks at Höga Nord Rekords release yet another monstrously good EP, this time from Sweden’s mighty neo-Kraut rockers Flowers Must Die.  There are pulses and waves of heavy psych that remind one of Amon Düül II and Guru Guru.  Lovely stuff.  

[Music] Säure Adler – Polnische Kassette

I don’t know if Säure Adler will ever surpass their Krautrock masters, but on this release, they’re really getting close.  This was one of the most enjoyable forays into tripsville I’ve had in a while.  It was nice to hear the floaty, beefy, textured tunes over a good set of speakers while relaxing before work.  […]

[Music] THREE DECADES OF POPOL VUH. — dereksmusicblog

Derek’s Music Blog posts a treasure of an article documenting the greatest of Kosmisch Musik bands, Popol Vuh. May Florian Fricke rest in peace knowing that his legacy remains. Three Decades Of Popol Vuh. In West Germany in the early seventies, a number of groundbreaking bands were formed including one of the most important, innovative […]

[Music] Various Artists – The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records: Kosmische Musik

Brazil’s finest shoegaze tribute label, The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records, returns with a compilation paying due homage to legendary Krautrock bands like Can, Neu!, (early) Kraftwerk and Harmonia. I’m hoping to find newer Brazilian bands who will continue down this Krauty path.

[Music] Conrad Schnitzler & Bernhard Wöstheinrich – 20070709

Conrad Schnitzler was a legendary electronic music composer who passed away in 2011. Four years beforehand, he collaborated with a young fellow German musician called Bernhard Wöstheinrich, who was well over 30 years his junior. The collaboration produced one hour-long track which builds, grinds, throbs and swells in a way that is abrasive, yet pleasant. The […]

[Music] Holger Czukay – Blessed Easter

Legendary Can bassist and recording engineer Holger Czukay passed away today.  He was 79 years old. Pitchfork Magazine reports about his passing here. Many thanks to my friend, Michael Schneider, for posting this video, which we share in Holger’s honor. Rest in peace.