[Music] Drew Schlesinger & David Torn – Summer Synthesis 1978

Considering this release, featuring guitarist David Torn and synthesizer player Drew Schlesinger, was made in 1978, I’m astounded as to how fresh it sounds.  There are a few spots where the recording might be a touch thin (I’m playing this album on the speakers of a relatively new iMac), but overall, this is very solid, […]

[Music] Subact – The Outside World

Dresden has a pretty great reputation producing rock bands, but Subact are something quite special.  Through some sort of alchemy, they have managed to blend old electronic music, modern dubstep, and have finished it off with a bit of a 70s German progressive rock vibe.  The band has been featured here before, and most certainly, […]

[Music] Gianpiero De Filippo – Synthscapes

Though Gianpiero De Filippo declares himself to be a non-musician (sounds like a chap with the surname of Eno), he intuits rather well.  This release is a type of tribute to the beauty of Kosmische Musik, the Berlin School, Fourth World ambient and even a tip to Chris & Cosey.

[Music] Various Artists – A Last Sunset, A Celebration of Candy Lozier, Volume 1

There is a group of wonderful ambient musicians on Facebook who constantly release music of stunningly good quality.  Names like Cousin Silas, Martin Neuwirth, Glen Sogge and Scott Lawlor among others are among the great names working in this field.  Another was Candy Lozier, a fine composer who passed away in September of this year.  She […]

[Music] Robert Scott Thompson – Green Flash and the Dryline Chaser

This new 45-minute EP by our friend Robert Scott Thompson is part of a new cycle of releases called Pluviophilia.  This work is a good sample of what a magnificent series we’re going to be treated to. Robert’s work is reminiscent of the works of Robert Rich and Steve Roach.  With time, his name should […]

[Music] BLURRR – Pain Is A Garment

BLURRR, a project of composer Aaron Kim, performs a type of musical wabi sabi.  In times like these, with so much pain and grief in the world, I salute anyone who is willing to mix this concept with Kosmische Musik.  Quite a nice EP.  From BLURRR’s Bandcamp page: This album was heavily inspired by the […]

[Music] THREE DECADES OF POPOL VUH. — dereksmusicblog

Derek’s Music Blog posts a treasure of an article documenting the greatest of Kosmisch Musik bands, Popol Vuh. May Florian Fricke rest in peace knowing that his legacy remains. Three Decades Of Popol Vuh. In West Germany in the early seventies, a number of groundbreaking bands were formed including one of the most important, innovative […]