[Music] Mecizand & Simulacross – Šljahtic Zavalnja, Abo Bełarus u Fantastyčnyh Apavjadannjah

This is an indescribably weird and wonderful combination of two bands, one from Russia, and one from Belarus.  This split LP provides everything from electroacoustic music and noise to free jazz and improvisation here.  Somehow, it just works.

From the bands’  record label, NoiseUp’s Bandcamp page:

Internet-label NoiseUp presents the collaboration of two experimental projects. Russian group of musician Mecizand was formed in the beginning of 10s and counts more than 10 album in its discography.  Last two were released on NoiseUp.  Their music varies between ritual and dark ambient, musique concrete and free jazz.  Belarusian project Simulacross appeared on the experimental music map in 2002 and during the years of existence created different sound collages in percussion and improve industrial, noise and musique concrete.  This album will be the debut collaboration of Simulacross and Mecizand.  10 new compositions are presented on the album made separately by every project and collaboration created by both.  Part of the tracks is made with guest musician, among which you can find Belarusian folk-singer Irina Hlushets from the band Yagorava Gara, voice of Vladislav Novozhilov from Belarusian metal-band Gods Tower and bass of Pjotr Shkalenok from the retro-beat project Yatata.  Also different musician playing of various musical instruments such as harp, flute, violin, organ, calimba, trombone and many others could be heard on the album.  It tuned to be an explosive mixture of post-folk electroacoustic avant-garde with ritual atmosphere and percussion soundscapes.  Fascinating experiments of Russian-Belarusian collaboration will be available for free download on January 29th on the official NoiseUp website and on the Bandcamp page of the label.  The digital release will be followed by the physical cassette limited edition on the label Hvedrungrsmil Records.  It will be out in the beginning of February.  Noise the world!

Worth tracking down.

[Music] H. J. Ayala – Atmospheres

H. J. Ayala has been featured here before, providing some mightily atmospheric guitar playing. His current release has to be his darkest yet, however. The entrance to the album (appropriately titled “Entrada“) feels like the beginning of a horror movie with a proper budget. The tension is palpable.

It gets deeper in feel from then on.  The whole of this album was made on guitars only, with effects being added after the recording.  In fact, all the sounds come from the guitar in it self and the place where the microphone was settled.

Eerie listening, but very rewarding.

[Music] Uri Caine/Ksawery Wójciński/Robert Rasz – Plays Wladyslaw Szpilman

A warm thanks to MultiKulti for posting this. Here are their notes (follow them, please!):

Editor’s info:

Uri Caine plays Wladyslaw Szpilman — a special project of Tzadik Poznan Festival 2013
Marek Edelman once said, “Szpilman is the symbol of all those, who survived, since there must have been dozens of unlikely, wondrous circumstances to survive.”

The music of this composer and pianist — a student of the Fryderyk Chopin Conservatory in Warsaw under the tutelage of Jozef Smidowicz and Aleksander Michalowski and later the Academy of Arts in Berlin, where he studied under Arthur Schnabel and Leonid Kreutzer (piano) as well as composition under Franz Schreker — is know around the entire world thanks in large part due to Roman Polanski’s movie, The Pianist.
This cultural and artistic project is devoted to the figure and oeuvre of a prominent composer, the creator of classical music and many unforgettable songs that have become permanently ingrained into the cultural history of the 20th century.

Uri Caine performed on Tzadik Poznan Festival with Polish musicians Ksawery Wójciński on the double bass and Robert Rasz on the percussion. The musicians together presented authorial interpretations of Szpilman’s compositions.
Uri Caine, one of the great innovators of contemporary music, will pay tribute in this way to the Polish composer and pianist.